18 September 2008


Constant life soundtrack:

14 September 2008

My alpaca so soft, but I GO SO HARD (go so hard)

I'm overpowered by yarn!!

I overdyed yarn from a pink sweater--now it's a nice tangerine color. I definitely have enough for a sweater or two...what should I make with it?

13 September 2008


New thingsssss:

It's nice having the day off today, but I've spent the whole morning putting things online and cleaning. Blech. Stefano and Raymanelli are working on their mopeds, so hopefully I can take a ride with them later to get some foooooood!

Do you like my long cowls (yes, yes)?

08 September 2008

Some new sweaters I'm working on:


I really like the way these yellows look together; I'm holding together about a million strands of different recycled yarns. The tiny strands of angora give it a touch of a halo.

I like the "wrong side" too...looks kind of puffy?? I might try to use that in another project.

I keep returning to this color combination...
All recycled yarns: mostly alpaca and angora with yellow cotton.