04 September 2012

Sorry for the long absence, y'all!  You know how I do.  Mostly blogging at gypsy-witch.com now...

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Still thrifting.. (girl that cart is full)

My  model Jess in a recycled turban headband (we make these from our fabric scraps so each one is different!)

Britt in her crocheted turban hat

New-new miscusi.etsy.com
Backstage at our first fashion show!

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22 December 2011

East End Craft Shop!

Guess what? I've been running a pop-up shop with my homegirls Buffy & River for the past month in Chapel Hill, NC!  

Come by if you're in the area!  We feature over 20 local artists & we're open every day through March!

28 November 2011

Knit turbans

Turban time!  Mine are actually crocheted from recycled yarn.  Knit turbans for everyone!

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23 November 2011

Knitspiration: winter 2011

Holiday shopping is upon us!  I made a coupon code for ya: enter STAYWARM at checkout for 15% off any item on etsy!


I also made a pinterest recently to catalog all my inspiration photos:

Lamija Suljevic

Jess in my dad's sweater, my mom's necklaces

09 November 2011

Just wanted to pass on this brilliant post from Outsapop, consistently one of the best blogs out there for DIY inspiration.  She explains how the negative impact of the fashion industry is devastating to the environment (not to mention the problem of sweatshops & their constant violation of human rights).  It's the reason recycling motivates everything I do with Mi Scusi, and a conversation I wish more people were having.

""From the design board to the tumble dryer, textile manufacturing has a huge environmental footprint. It pollutes as much as 200 tons of water per ton of fabric, uses a suite of harmful chemicals, and consumes tremendous amounts of energy for steam and hot water needed in dyeing and finishing processes. Compounding this situation is the fact that the industry has migrated to countries abroad with still-developing environmental regulatory systems, such as China, India, Vietnam, and Bangladesh, seriously degrading local drinking water resources. " From Environmental Challenges of the Textile Industry - NRDC (Case study China). 

23 September 2011


Fall is finally here (though it's still pretty warm here in the South) and I'm so busy with craft shows & festivals!  A scarf I made recently:

Garter triangle scarf with contrast crochet border and tassels!  I love this scarf...I immediately cast on for a cobalt blue/olive green one as well.  

31 August 2011

Moon and stars sweater

Best sweater ever!!!

On my etsy now!  
Vintage handknit celestial moon & stars sweater with oversized slouchy fit.  Perfect!

25 August 2011

How to tie scarves a bunch of ways!

I found this cute video on Marga B.'s knitting/crochet blog; it shows how to tie your scarves a bunch of different ways. Anyone else getting excited for fall??

 Also, today is the 10-year anniversary of Aaliyah's death; so sad!!  I've loved her since I was in middle school.  I had to wear my shirt as a tribute to her. 

 RIP babygirl!!

08 August 2011

"The Tyranny of Trends" : found on Etsy's Blog

Please read this article (found on etsy's blog) concerning the multi-layered negative environmental and human impact resulting from the global culture of consumerism that has emerged over the past decades.  Charty Durrant echoes many of my concerns with the "fast fashion" culture that relies on sweatshop labor and massive pollution to continue.  I almost wrote "to sustain itself" before correcting myself: this system is not sustainable and is irresponsible, causing so, so much harm and suffering. 

From her article:
"The fashion industry’s pollution problems are multi-layered, and the cost is human and environmental; from unsustainable farming practices, uncontrolled pesticide use and toxic dyes to the squandering and contamination of global water reserves and the concerns over textile landfill, the debate gets ever more complex. It has been estimated that it takes 800 litres of water to grow the cotton for just one pair of jeans.

The trend for organic cotton over the past few years, though well-meaning, is not the whole solution, as cotton is a very thirsty crop. While some ethical designers provide good-quality, fairly traded organic cotton garments, this move has been used unscrupulously as a token gesture by the fashion industry to appease concerned consumers whilst other, unsustainable manufacturing processes continue unabated."

All of this contributes to why I choose to use exclusively recycled & vintage materials; I can salvage textiles that were discarded and avoid contributing to this nightmarish system.  When you choose recycled/handmade/vintage over new, your decision helps the environment and you can sleep at night knowing you haven't contributed to the mistreatment of garment workers.

04 August 2011

Sale for August!

I decided to extend my 20% off sale through August; just enter code AGOSTO at checkout for 20% off any item in the shop!

Look no further for your fall knits; you have found the source!

01 August 2011

Don't blame me, blame it on my wild heart

Manual machine-knit shrug, recycled acid green cotton with blue/gold/olive viscose, 2011.

I made an identical one for myself too cuz I fell in love with this one!  (I can make any color; just ask!)

31 July 2011

24 July 2011


New jams appearing every day on etsy!!!  

PS how cute is my new model Kelsey!?!

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