27 October 2008

Emily of Inside A Black Apple has posted a supercute Halloween card for you to print and use!

Today I had gluten-free gnocchi with a Sicilian sauce--tons of olives of all shades. I hadn't been able to find a suitable gnocchi for the past 2 years, ever since I've been on the Evil Allergy Diet!!

A sick boat I saw on the highway:

Is that a boat? It looks like part of a boat. Hmm.

24 October 2008

Mi Scusi + Seealso

Hey! I was on the front page Wednesday; I knew I must have been because I saw a big jump in etsy hearts.

Somehow on flickr today I found
this resource of etsy front pages and there was my little cowl/capelet alongside my homegirl Mia of seealso. See her mittens in the bottom left corner? I can tell you as a knitter that her pieces are super time-intensive and well-made. Each one is one-of-a-kind, just like mine; I have a lot of respect for that. I love love love her mittens and handspun yarns-turned-scarflettes. She's great and it seems like she's always coming up with something new. Keep an eye on miss Mia's shop.

She even has the pattern for the fancy branches mittens available!

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23 October 2008

Diamond life

I finally added a link to my flickr photos! I really like using old cameras and expired film so that each roll I shoot is like an experiment. I haven't had any training in photography, so I don't take it seriously, mon, I just love it.

My side of our rooma tribute to PacWhere did you goDragon's LairThat's my vintage chevron bathing costume!

18 October 2008


I love this bird costume! My most magical gypsy friend Sarah sent me these vintage scans.

Halloween is my very favorite time of the year, but I always forget to think up a good costume. Last year I wanted to be a ball of yarn; whoops, that never happened. Maybe I will be a true witch this time.

14 October 2008

I met him in the candy store;

Etsy user courtneycourtney sent me a photo of her rocking the handknit sweaterdress she bought from me! I love the way she wore it: I would have never imagined adding a layer of subtle volume underneath, and I'm too much of a babby to wear heels.

Here she is next to my original photo:

Check out her shop for tons of cute baby stuff!!

There's gonna be a remake of Ab Fab.

I'm way into the original so I hope this new version lives up to their standard! Who do you like better, Patsy or Edina? (I love Patsy, duh.) My fave is the ep in which Patsy stumbles off some random's motorcycle wearing all black leather. I can't find a photo D; D; D;

11 October 2008

I'm famous like a Ninja Turtle

On Thursday, my pops turned 50! Here he is as a wizard on his birthday a few years ago:And on the day I graduated college (don't we look like twins?):

His hair is as long as mine now.

He came to visit last night and we went to see Jonathan Richman; I think he and my dad would be friends IRL.

I finally hit 200 sales on etsy, but my milestone sale was a fluke:
"I believe I placed an order by accident that I won't be able to pay for, and I'm not sure how to cancel it because it says I've already bought it even though I haven't given my credit card information or anything and I made
a mistake. I'm sorry for any inconvenience."

D'oh. Oh well.

I'm yeller like a Simpson (siiiiiick allergy nose).

06 October 2008


Ay-yi-yi, I have been so super sick for the past few days.

Internet friends, please help me:
1. feel better
2. figure out how to make a sidebar for my flickr pixxx on this here blog
3. secure a work visa to Italy
4. find homes for everything in my etsy shop

I kind of feel like I'm talking to myself. Is anyone out there?

03 October 2008

Knuckle sandwitch

Yo dudes, I've been without the internet for a hot minute. Here are some sweaters I made: the first is recycled cashmere and the second is recycled alpaca. Unraveling sweaters means I get to work with some pretty fancy yarns! These'll be on etsy soon, soon.

My friend Carlz (my magical twin) is here; we started a little etsy for her today. >>>Mystery Hand<<<

Sick, eh????