26 May 2010

Braided rug from t-shirt yarn

I started working on this braided rug about 3 weeks ago; it's taking me much longer than I expected, but I want it done, so I've been working on it feverishly!

It's a big spiral of braided t-shirt yarn (t-shirts cut into strips [tutorial]), sewn together with red thread.

It makes me feel a connection with women/families of long ago who made things out of necessity, before the days of store-bought rugs (and everything else)...all my meticulously saved fabric scraps are being put to use.  
I also hate the sight of my apartment's old, ugly carpet, so I wanna make this thing as big as possible to cover it!

(I found this old framed embroidery and stitched on some extra creepiness; 
it's hanging above our bed now.)

04 May 2010

Turban + All-Seeing Eye

I made this turban for a new friend of mine; he requested an all-seeing eye.  I think it looks sick!  The brown fabric was bleached by me; the yarn is 100% cotton.