26 August 2009


GOOD NEWS!! I got a (cheap-o, manual) knitting machine! Here's my first scarf:

What do you think? I love how the different thicknesses of yarn create a wavy effect. I finished this in probably 3 hours total...with the manual knitting machine, you're still moving a "carriage" holding the yarn across a row of needles, back and forth, but it's wa-a-a-ay faster than handknitting with needles that size. I let the stripes begin randomly in the middle of rows and left the tails of the knots a bit long...just some little details to show that it's unique.

Also, I made a "page" on Facebook for Mi Scusi! It would make me so happy if even one person would become a "fan."

Ma cos'e? What is it?

(Can you tell what it is?)

(It's a bolero, a shrug, a little minisweater. Photos on an actual human to follow!)

Handspun, wool, cotton, linen, acrylic.

20 August 2009

Vegas dress (I want to knit one for you!)

Did I ever show y'all the dress I made for my best friend's wedding in its finished state?
It started as a pile of this:
I want to start selling this dress (or similar knitted dresses) as a custom order in any color. Good idea/yay or nay?

19 August 2009


Never-before-seen Mi Scusi magical clothing, accessories, and knits will be in the flesh at the

Charlottesville Arts & Crafts Fair,
Saturday, August 29th!

Ooh, let me see, let me see. Y'all better be there!!

(fb page)

17 August 2009

Oh snap.

Uh-oh, dudes! There is a Malaysian band named Mi Scusi! Looks like we have similar ideas regarding blood font...

13 August 2009

Thanks, CanarySanctuary!

Dudes. I won a sick giveaway from my homegirl CanarySanctuary of Canary Knits (and I never win anything)! It felt like my birthday when the package arrived:
Sweet vintage patterns (including one for a hamburger sweater!) yarn, and a handknit bear.

I couldn't wait to start knitting with the silvery-green-grey yarn (it's so soft!).

06 August 2009

The quiet of books, the sound of that ocean.

My dad gave me some jute yarn (given to him by my friend's mom, an awesomely crafty lady). I'm making rugs for our little apartment!

Much softer on the hands: handspun wool, sent to me in order to be knit up into my signature windowpane berets. I love this job; mani, don't fail me now!

02 August 2009

Oooh yeah, Sunday coming

Some tidbitz from around the house:

Hulk light switch!!

I found this dress at the thrift store and thought it was kind of witchy. I got home and found out it is a real Betsey Johnson! I also found a way to make planets in Photoshop???
Finally, a bookshelf for all the yarn.
Sick thrift score! All from the same spot; maybe all from the same kid's closet.

Pizza plate collection. Broox has the 3rd set.

Sarah I see you peeping at me from BR!!

01 August 2009

Space (I believe in)

Two new Slouch Beanies: fawn (tan) and amethyst (purple). I hand-dyed both yarns for subtle stripe action.

The fawn beanie is ONE OF A KIND and can never be recreated (I used all the yarn!) so get it while you can.