16 April 2010

don't push your luck

So I haven't actually watched this video but did y'all see this: 

Is that GISM white-out-ed onto her jacket?  And Dystopia at the bottom?  I did some "serious research" (first result on Google) and found this explanation.  Apparently the director of the video was an early member of Bathory...that explains it.  WOMP WOMP

02 April 2010

Mass-produced vs. ethical shopping

BBC's Blood, Sweat, & T-shirts is a series of short videos uncovering some of the inhumane working conditions found in sweatshops in India. Anyone who buys new mass-produced clothing should watch these short clips.

Their description: "This BBC Three series from May 2008 saw six young fashion addicts swap shopping on the high street with working in India‘s cotton fields and clothes factories. Find out whether they could handle a sewing machine and meet the target of two garments a minute. And whether their experience changed their throwaway attitude to clothes shopping."

Solution? Thrift stores, clothing swaps with friends, and of course, buy handmade from etsy! :D

(A skirt I recently made from all recycled fabrics; at my etsy now!)

Found via Off The Rack, the ReadyMade fashion blog.