30 November 2008

Black Car

My uncle Andy and his friend Chip when they were young (judging by the photo, I'd say high school or directly afterwards, in the late 70s or early 80s.) Click it to see the FULL MAGIC of young dudes/wasted nights/35mm photography.

21 November 2008

A couple new things on etsy:

You can find them here. Blog readers always get free shipping if you just send me a message that says, "Hey! I read your blog! Free shipping, please!"

Also, this blob of mystery knitting = soon to become a sick sweaterdress!

20 November 2008

In a 90s kind of world / I'm glad I got my girlz

The Criterion Collection is having a 40% off sale on everything in stock until Nov. 25! (via Fashion for Writers)(my father and my mother's father before I was born)

16 November 2008


I don't know if y'all watch The Simpsons every day, but I do. I have every ep at my disposal. Yesterday I was knitting away, waiting for Stefano to come home, and the most perfect introduction happened:

One of my favorite things is when Lisa acts out of character. This ep started with her and Bart sprawled comatose on the couch, snickering Beavis & Butthead-style at Itchy and Scratchy, something that I think her character should really be appalled to witness (but I'm glad she's not).

THEN, when Marge makes the fam go for a walk, they pass her LOCAL YARN STORE and she gives secret information about where she buys her buttons!

THEN, Otto is at a listening station and complains that new music sucks and all tries to rip off Judas Priest (but he's actually hearing a Judas Priest song). Sick. The rest of the episode is pretty sub-par, so you can just turn it off there!

Who's your favorite Simpson?? Mine's Snake.

13 November 2008


Herringbooooone stitch...totally annoying to knit, but such sick results! Here's a tutorial.The tension takes some getting used to, and it's a yarn eater, but it has a nice front and back side (good for scarves!) and is dense & double-thick for extra warmness.I'm knitting a color-blocked scarf, inspired by the always-awesome nemrešpobjećodnedjelje, who is constantly dressed in the most amazing thrift-wear. I think I need one more warm color, yeah?

Inspired by:

Roxy Marj aka R.O.M.A. aka romawinkel

I remember seeing the name Roxy Marj on CUTXPASTE a few years ago and really feeling it. I like her aesthetic and really want to read some of her blog's archives, but they aren't working for me?

She has inspired me to put down my knitting for a second and make something nice for a friend.

11 November 2008

Late night freakout

Pretty bummed to see my own beret being sold by someone else on etsy:

I knit 2 berets for this girl, and she's reselling them for more than I charged her. One has already sold, but she mentioned that it was "designed and handknit by miscusi" in the listing, so that makes me think she didn't know it was against etsy's policies?

It's pretty hard for me to compete with myself! I sent her a message and hope she takes it down. I wish I could contact the person who bought the mustard one.

EDIT: She removed it; phew!

08 November 2008

06 November 2008

Some things

1. a Italian film still I found a long time ago on someone's blog...was it yours?
2. my sleeping brother, 2004
3. a star map in Chinese
4. Miss Frida
5. "Tiger Mending," Amy Cutler (it inspired a short story!)
6. Secret Love (mystery photograph)