30 January 2009

DESTASH: buy my supplies!!!

Hey dudes. Did y'all know I'm going to Italy in the first week of March? That means I have a huge sewing room full of supplies that I don't have time to use. Help a sister out: miscusisupply.etsy.com. Everything is insanely cheap, and I'll combine shipping with any item in that shop and my main shop (miscusi.etsy.com) I'll be adding lots of stuff over the next few days/weeks, so keep an eye on it!

Also some new stuff in my regular old shop!! Vintage + handmade.

27 January 2009


My homegirl Michele Lau wrote an amazingly sweet blog post about me!! I am way excited because her bustier tops and dresses have inspired me for, like, a year now.

I love her!!! Her sewing skills are far superior to mine!!! I don't have any friends where I live that are really interested in crafty things, so it's cool to be able to interact with seamstresses&knitters online.


"Tea Shirt" by Meryl Smith

24 January 2009

Dreaming is free

I'm going to Vegas for my best friend's wedding (wah-wahhh); it's both Stefano's and my first time there! I'm tryna make a bunch of ridiculous outfits to wear; my first project is a mustard mohair handknitted sweaterdress! I'm using my trusty size 19 circulars and following a loose idea based on top-down raglan construction. I also knit in a bunch of deliberate "ladders" to unravel later so hopefully I can get the bubble silhouette I'm imagining?? We'll see. I'm knitting it super fast without trying it on, and the yarn is insanely crinkly from its previous life as an ugly sweater. I think (hope) it will blossom like a beautiful swan after blocking!The first ladder/rip thing!

Does anyone have any advice for Vegas?

14 January 2009

New sweaterdressssss

Ho finito! (Actually, I finished this awhile ago, but just got around to taking photos.) Sweaters and dresses are my very favorite things to knit; I wish there were more rich ladiez that could support my art!!
Do you like it? I hope you like it. I used all recycled yarns: some I dyed, some handspun. Wool, alpaca, angora, cashmere, cotton, acrylic: they're all there.

12 January 2009

Open back

I dyed a bunch of my clothes black yesterday (which rules, because it makes everything seem new again but with this sick faded quality I love) and the stars of the show happened to be 2 open-back things.
They were both gross Pepto bubblegum pink and are now a loverly grey-purple! It's really hard to find good examples of open-back things that aren't either band tees with corset strings up the back or prom dresses.

Craftster user xxboheme created these 2 heart dresses:

Montmartre's Sketchbook posted this sweater which would be insanely easy to translate to something boring in your closet (just cut!):

I'd recommend trying this on something tightly knit, otherwise it might unravel a leetle bit.

Send me inspiring photos of your fave open backs?


Yo, don't you wish you made this dress? I do. I wanna make one for myself, but I know I am way too lazy to construct a loom for just one project. It looks like the fabric pieces change color sporadically (perfect for recycling your scraps)! Does anyone know of any tutorials for similar projects?

08 January 2009


New vintage and handknits on etsy!"I want to go to there"

FREE SHIPPING if you send me a little note saying you read my blog!

04 January 2009

mixxxed media

I stumbled across this photo and was inspired:

Simple idea; might be difficult to execute (my sewing machine never wants to cooperate with unfamiliar textures).

Here's her description: "
get a bunch of yarn, cut into strands at desired length. holding all strands together, sew back and forth at desired intervals with whatever color(s) of thread you have near your sewing machine."

Photo & idea credit: katydid.