18 May 2009


*Means free shipping for everyone!

I'm going back to the USA in a few weeks and need to send away all the hats I've knitted while in Italia. EVERYTHING in my shop will ship for free from now until the end of May! I've lowered prices on a few things as well.

We're going to Austria and France this week! I feel like I look really grunge in that last photo/like Jay (from Jay and Silent Bob). Uhhhh.

08 May 2009

MAIL PRESENTS / my birthday wish

It's my b-day, yall, and I am pretty far away from my friends & fam. I keep stumbling across blogs in which people are showing off their thrift store finds, and I'm jealous (since there are none in Milan!).

I have been wanting to start sending mail/packages again for awhile, and was just re-excited by the idea upon seeing Anna's awesome swaps! Does anyone want to do this??? Does anyone want or need Italian goods? I'm always down to trade my knitted things as well.

New hats on etsyyyyyy:

07 May 2009

! ! ! ! PICKLES baggy bolero ! ! ! !

I got inspired to knit a sweater 2 days ago (yep, I finished it in 1 day!). Here's the original idea, from PICKLES:

And my version... smaller, but chunkier:

I used size 11 dpns for the armholes (cast on 24 sts), moving to size 15 circs (increasing to 48 sts), then size 19s for the chunkiest stitches (72 sts). I also chose to move from 1x1 to 2x2 to 3x3 rib instead of staying with 2x2 like they did.

I used 4 recycled yarns held together: white wool, cream wool/angora, white/gold cotton, and light green mohair.

They also have a pattern for the 'lavender jacket':


My man Stefano found this gem: DJ Mark Marcelo's The After-Party

90s hip-hop & r&b is forever my jammmmm. Listen to this before you go OUT ON THE TOWN.

My birthday is tomorrow!