28 October 2009

We gladly feast upon those who would consume us.

Yo. I "made" this crop top by cutting off the neckline and cuffs of a little boy's shirt...easiest reconstruction ever!

I found some Noro (esque?) at tha thrift!! What a sick find; I love color-changin' yarn.

A necklace/collar I made a while ago. All materials from my fabric scrap stash; some pieces are handdyed.

26 October 2009

Photos from Carrboro Artisan Market!

I love doing craft shows in the winter!
People are so much more inclined toward my knits:

MASTER OF T-SHIRTS/Tommy Long Legs, aka Sir Bozzington, aka Thomas Dean of Lost Woods Print:

(in the center)

Thomas is an elusive printmaster; his creations are difficult to buy on the internet so I recommend tracking him down in person. Start a petition HERE for a Lost Woods etsy shop!

Allyson and Jeremy, who not only do amazingly detailed and thoughtful work, but are also genuinely sweet people. I love seeing their friendly faces at craft shows (NC-VA connexxion!).
You can see the rest of the photos here:

(This market was sponsored by Roulette Vintage in Carrboro, NC...awesome ladies!
If you're in the area, you must pay them a visit.)

19 October 2009

Cain't nobody do it quiiiiiite like this

Margo and I took a bunch of photos today; I thought a few accidentally came out really nice. Got2go; Stefano's taking me to get late-night (fake) ice cream!

16 October 2009

Ice age

I always listen to this song to get pumped to venture out into the world:

I was looking at old posts randomly and discovered that I was sick last year on the EXACT same dates I was sick this year! Eerie.

New lovelies on etsy every day! Don't miss!

13 October 2009

Platinum plus

Look at me, featured on Etsy Trends! Dang!

They featured my cloud cowl:

I can make this cowl any color, by the way.

01 October 2009


Do it! One of the best tutorials is at neauveau fiber arts.

Here's another tutorial from craft. Her advice is mostly the same as I would give, except I don't avoid intarsia sweaters; they take longer but actually yield more yarn in the end!

(images from Craft.)

Then, use your "new" yarn to make a cowl to keep you warm!

Some free patterns from 'THE INTERNET':

Chunky knit cowl
XO UO cowl (longer)

Cashmere (ribbed) cowl

Crochet chunky cowl