28 June 2009

Ghostess with the mostess

Handknit by me without any pattern, March 2009.

Alpaca, wool, cashmere, handspun silk, and cotton. All recycled!

I need some photoz with a real model, eh?

16 June 2009

<<< rock+shop market >>>

Hey dudes! Come see me at the Rock and Shop Market in Raleigh, NC this Saturday!

Coincidentally, the home of Michelle, the supernice creator/curator/producer of the market, was featured in DesignSponge! Congrats, homegirl.

You can see lots more photos from previous markets here.

10 June 2009

Sneeeeek peeeeek

Expect steady updates on my etsy all summer:

Insane vintage handmade highwaisted shorts in "JAZZ AGE" fabric.


Super long loose-knit cowls.

Hand-tye-dyed circle scarves in recycled cotton.

V-neck scarves in crazy stripe combos!

09 June 2009


Are you kidding me?!

You would, Archie, you loser.

Why Aaliyah had to take that flight?

My homegirl Carlz posted some of her 35mm pixxx from Italy on her flickr (where you can also view some of her mindblowing artwork).

I read a lot of this today: stuff white people do.
Vastly superior to 'stuff white people like' (which should really be 'stuff rich Democrats like'). Prettyyyyy, prettyyyy, pretty good. Via softspoken.

05 June 2009

Home again, home again (back in NC)

I'm home, dudes! I apologize for my extended internet absence; U NO how it is. I shall return with a mighty etsy restocking and myriad craft projects to share witcha!
Here are some things I'm excited about upon my return:

hanging with friends + fam
hip-hop radio
fried okra
my sewing machine
cranberry juice
the thrift store

What do y'all miss when you're far from home???