30 September 2009

The one that got away

Alas, I never got to take proper photos of this amazing dress before it sold...I'll just have to knit more.

Margo got cold so I let her wear some winter warmers!

Knitting machine madness:

I have so much stuff to show you; do you ever feel like there aren't enough hours?

14 September 2009

agosto - ispirazione

A tattoo idea??

I live in a Treehouse (of horror).

Best nails!
There goes Stefano tryna take me to the prom on his motorcycle.

(unicorn hair)

07 September 2009

Modern Magic Vintage

One of my very best friends just listed a bunch of fantastic vintage treasures on her etsy; I just wanted to share them!

A Morticia Addams dress!

Some amazing slips and nightgowns (to be worn as dresses, of course):

02 September 2009

I am pumped; how about you

!!!Energizing fall!!!

Dying and drying things on the back porch!

Clockwise spiral:
Our globe collection, Frances Mananses, the Tarot, obsidian arrowheads.

Our friend Jim is visiting. He says, "JUST GIMME THE LIGHT"