31 July 2009

Lauren Manoogian necklaces

When I saw these necklaces, my brain immediately tried to discern from which materials they were made.

Turns out, it's paper clips and tape!!

They would make a pretty easy DIY if you could only find those colors, those colorssss.

Found via love forever.

28 July 2009

etsy in the morning, etsy in the evening, etsy at suppertime

I love going to etsy's front page and seeing one of my photos there!

My Mr. Swirly beret, front and center. I can make this beret in any color! I also have a new style, the Slouch Beanie:

and my triangle scarves will be appearing:

see it all here

26 July 2009

I am in the wilderness;

IMPORTANT NEWS: Sade is releasing a new album this year!

She is the original mermaid:


23 July 2009

King in my empire

What up, y'all. Have you seen Modern Seamster magazine? I'm out the door right now so I don't have time to read each and every word but do trust I will later.

We just moved into our new apartment (!!) so I've been stalking the "free stuff" section of Craigslist, trying to find treasures. Before we went to Italy, we gave away all our furniture and unneeded junk, so now we're starting from scratch. Yikes!

I spotted this sick ride in my hometown:

21 July 2009

Just needs a button

Handknit loosely following the construction of the Pickles Baggy Bolero, except in all stockinette stitch.

All recycled yarns: wool, alpaca, angora, mohair. Completed May 2009. The yarns fade from light to medium grey by adding one strand of darker grey at a time.

14 July 2009


Italy feels like a dream even though I was there a month ago. Do you wanna see more photos?

Italian amici! I reminisce, I reminisce.
Into the woodsCinque Terre (5 lands)

Cruising around Cinque Terre on a boat!
waiting for the Nightrider bus
Painting on the stairs at Dauntaun. Carlz gave me that belt for my bday!!

My ma loves the Edelweiss. Huge beers awaited us upon arrival at Innsbruck, Austria! We watched The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, fitting because Mr. Adams conceived the idea for the novel while high on a hill in this very city.

A wedding cake made of Swarovski crystal animals!

Gems from a vending machine!
Met my Italian cuz, Riccardo! Don't we look like twinsies. Our great-grandmothers were sisters; mine came to the USA while his remained in Italy. It's funny: each of us are enamored with the other's country!


Translation: "Italy, I miss you to death." I mostly miss all my holmez from halfway around the world. I wish we weren't so far apart.

"Gems by F. Leolini" (see the peacock?!)
"It exists! Drink... DUFF" (4 euros is a bit steep but WHEN IN ROME, right.)
We slep' at the squat in Firenze/Florence.
SKELETON RIDERZ (you have to click to make this big)
Stefano e Filippo

At Dauntaun, drinking birra malandrino, a creation of the above Filippo.

So much inspiring art. I wish I had taken more, more, more photos.

One half of a new shrug; the color shifts from light to dark grey!

That's my boo! In response to the wall's question:
why, he got his dream job at the tattoo shop.