30 March 2009


I'm back, dudes (on etsy, that is). I've been knitting so much and I wanna share it with the world!
Everything's recycled, as always, except for the raspberry/fuschia beret, which is Italian yarn that I couldn't resist. Thrift stores are the thing I miss most from home (besides friendz&fam)--I have to hunt for sweaters to unravel at the flea markets, and they're few and far between!

Shipping is cheaper for EUROPEANS (especially ITALIANS), so take advantage of that if you can!

16 March 2009

So half our life is a vague and stormy make-believe

New foto! I've actually been knitting a lot; here is one of my favorite color combinations so far.

Lots more pixxx here. Ci sono persone che vogliono lavorare a maglia con me a Milano???

11 March 2009


Isn't that an amazing name for a band? BASS ODYSSEY. I think they're a nu-school reggae band here.

N-e-wayz. I guess there's no way to know if they're "real," but you should read Christopher Walken's Twitter posts, here. He has such a fantastic way of describing the things that happen to him.

Sick collages by David Fullerton. He has a book that you can preview here.
His flickr is also full of good things.


I can't wait to start doing this when I get home:


Mine was making a funny noise right before I left; could be cause I never, ever clean it! Now I just need a tutorial for cleaning the serger; that thing is a dust magnet.

In other newz, we found an apartment here in Milano! Are there any Italian readers who want to knit with me??

09 March 2009

Mario Party con Mirandaaaaa

Ciao, dudes! I'm in Italia! Guess that's why I've been too busy to post for a minute. Here are some photos:


I brought a carry-on full of yarn!!!

These "FREEKY FRIES" say "a tunnel of pleasure" on the bottom. Whuuuut!