28 November 2011

Knit turbans

Turban time!  Mine are actually crocheted from recycled yarn.  Knit turbans for everyone!

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23 November 2011

Knitspiration: winter 2011

Holiday shopping is upon us!  I made a coupon code for ya: enter STAYWARM at checkout for 15% off any item on etsy!


I also made a pinterest recently to catalog all my inspiration photos:

Lamija Suljevic

Jess in my dad's sweater, my mom's necklaces

09 November 2011

Just wanted to pass on this brilliant post from Outsapop, consistently one of the best blogs out there for DIY inspiration.  She explains how the negative impact of the fashion industry is devastating to the environment (not to mention the problem of sweatshops & their constant violation of human rights).  It's the reason recycling motivates everything I do with Mi Scusi, and a conversation I wish more people were having.

""From the design board to the tumble dryer, textile manufacturing has a huge environmental footprint. It pollutes as much as 200 tons of water per ton of fabric, uses a suite of harmful chemicals, and consumes tremendous amounts of energy for steam and hot water needed in dyeing and finishing processes. Compounding this situation is the fact that the industry has migrated to countries abroad with still-developing environmental regulatory systems, such as China, India, Vietnam, and Bangladesh, seriously degrading local drinking water resources. " From Environmental Challenges of the Textile Industry - NRDC (Case study China).