31 December 2008

Hairdresser, hairdresser

I got my hair didddddd:My friend Ellen did my hair in X-change for 2 hats (I also sold a million hats to all the other hairdressers--yessss). She put a bow in it--what!!? Che ridicolooooo. I haven't had a "real" haircut in a salon in about 5 or 6 years (I usually chop mine at home). Bartering rules; money drools!

21 December 2008


Can anyone tell me how someone could feel justified charging $190 for a handknit watchcap?

I love Mociun's fabrics, skirts, + dresses, but this is just cruzy.

My knits are recycled (BETTER than organic) and are set at a price that's fair to both me and the buyer. I'll make you a hat like this (this style's been around foreverrrrrr; nothing new here) for 30 buxxx!

14 December 2008

Sasha at Violet Folklore wrote the sweetest blog post about my red beret!

Check her out! Dang! It makes me so happy and proud to hear her say such sweet things:

The amazing Mistress of the Yarn Universe who created this hat with her own clever hands is Andrea
at Mi Scuzi Handmade. She does hats and all kinds of other cool clothing, and she uses recycled yarn-- amazingly time-consuming and eco-friendly! My hat came lovingly packaged and best of all it even smelled good, cause Andrea washed her yarn with a few drops of lavender essential oil. She has inspired me to "aromatherapize" (not a word, I know, but it should be) the clothes in our shop, so now everything will be arriving in your mailbox with a just hint of lavender... it's the herbalist in me, I can't resist!"

12 December 2008

Tiny + Witchy Principessa

I saw a link to these papercuts on Craftzine.

They're by Engelhard Schmitt and they are tiny like a postage stamp! Is that a princess spinning at the bottom left???

10 December 2008

Customizable torture chamber

Jamaican patois (I keep accidentally writing "Jamazing")

Some of my favez:
AGONY:    the sensations felt during sex
BAT: butterfly or moth. English bat, the flying rodent,
is a rat-bat.
BEAST: a policeman
BISCUIT: a particularly attractive woman
BLOUSE AND SKIRT: common exclamation of surprise.
CORN: 1. marijuana 2. money 3. a bullet
DARKERS: sunglasses
DEADERS: meat, meat by-products
DOGHEART: a person who is especially cold and cruel
HARD EARS: stubborn, doesn't listen
KISS ME NECK!: common exclamation of surprise.
STRUCTURE: body, health
TEETH: bullets

(from this blog; lots of gems to be found within!)

Also new photos on my flickr:

They are from Asheville; Asheville always feels like
those colors. Can you spot 2 Mi scusi items??

The god we've been preaching is a monster

Yo. I got a bunch of new vintage things in Asheville this weekend; they'll be on etsy soon!
Looking at some of the photos, I wanna keep some of them...what do you think about that weird 70s art lady dress? They would be super simple to make and I could use up some of my tonssss of vintage fabrics.I also started making these little knit necklaces. What do you think--HOT OR NOT?? I have a hand-crank machine that creates the knitted cord, so I can whip these up in 5-1o minz.

05 December 2008

Internet Shopping Woez

Man. I was talking to my homegirl at the bar last night about how lame NYLON is (we both have a free subscription...waste of paper) and how much better BUST is to read, and she mentioned a 40 cozy she wistfully wished for that is no longer for sale in the Bust Boobtique!
This particular friend is the most serious 40 drinker I know; there is no one who deserves this gift more! Good thing I can't find it anywhere on the internet. Can anyone help me out?

I'm also looking for awesome rings for Stefano and I to wear so when people try to holla, we can do a Shenaynay-style TALK TO THE HAND. I really love these rings I saw first on Jen's sick blog, but I hate to be a copycat.

I would also love to find some handmade ones somewhere...any suggestions? It's really hard to find something that's weird enough.

03 December 2008

making things mania

New stuff on etsy this week:
I had a nightmare that I got bad feedback on etsy!!! It was so horrible; the imaginary customer was not feeling any of my extra goodies. It's pretty irrational for me to worry about that, I think, since I spend so much time and attention on each package. I'm going to 2 craft shows in the next week...aaaah!

02 December 2008

My mans and them

These recycled dresses by Rubypearl are inspiring; mixed media/slightly imperfect and all of that. They're not necessarily my style for wearing, but they're my style for making, if that makes any sense. I wish I could coax someone into a field to help me take pictures of my things
In other news, I hate digital photobooths!!!

01 December 2008


Craftzine blog is so inspiring all the time!

These fairy lights could be spraypainted any color to create different moods. But where, oh where, does one procure egg cartons like those?

They also posted a detailed tutorial for a glue-set zipper. I haven't tried this, but I basically hate wrestling with zippers and mostly avoid them; maybe this method will change my mind?