29 April 2009

(support handmade)

Softspoken is having a sale on her fantastic baby baby scarves... I like to support my fellow knitters!!!

Was $35, now $20?!?!?! She could justifiably be charging so much more! Get them while you can (now until Cinco de Mayo)!

28 April 2009

Heart me on etsy?

I'm so close to 1000 hearts on etsy!

Help a sister out?

27 April 2009

fight me like a dude

Meet our flatmate Gregorio:

He's from Brazil and he rules! He's wearing a sweater tank/tunic I knit in March.

Climbing trees in Italia:

My boo + I in a green dream world:

Broox + Rocco (AKA Congorock DJ and all-around supernice dude, also has good taste in video games):

25 April 2009

SUMMERFUN/it never rains in southern california

I miss summer so bad! I can't wait for waterparks, latenight swimming pools, and it being acceptable to rock tube dresses in public.

I never finished my swimsuit from last year...I need some inspiration for what to make this time. We're going to Cinque Terre in a week!

23 April 2009


Back in January, an awesome Mi Scusi collector (aka a returning customer of mine) requested that I repurpose the yarn from a sweater she never wore into the scarf of her dreams.
I was so super happy because: 1> I love custom orders, 2> I love recycling unwanted things, and 3> I loved the fact that my homegirl decided to repurpose her sweater instead of throwing it away. She could have bought a scarf from some expensive store in the mall, but instead, she wanted to support handmade and reduce waste/consumerism! (That's a win/win/win.)I got to work unraveling (it's actually really fun for me and somehow therapeutic? I bring some sort of project with me everywhere I go; people always make fun of me).

Knitting with my biggest needles (the biggest I could find). They kill my wrists but chunky stitches are crucial!

C'est fini! Easy 1x1 rib because simpler is better with huge, timeless scarves.

I really loved this project and I think I only charged her $25 or so since she provided the materials. SEND ME YOUR UNWANTED KNITS AND I WILL TRANSFORM THEM INTO SOMETHING MAGICAL! (andreaiacobucci@gmail.com if you wanna)


11 April 2009

Cry tough

Stefano and I just watched a short documentary about the best shit on earth (here):::: REGGAE JAMZ.

This song is perfetto because when we met, it was just like this: we watched each other from our windows (we were neighbors)! TRULY MAGICAL; it's almost time for summer; get your reggae in order.

We were born in the wrong time

03 April 2009

Mr. Swirly : : : FREE PATTERN

Hey dudes! I wrote a pattern for this swirly beret I thought up. If anyone decides to knit it, let me know!
>>>ravelry link<<<