31 August 2008

Summer's slipping away D; D; D;
I started working on a swimsuit, loosely based on a vintage one I found, but can't really figure out the best way to add underwire. I don't have a pattern, so we'll see if I actually finish it!
I wanna try angrychicken's fold-over elastic idea for the leg openings and straps.

I put some new stuff on etsy...mostly trying to make room for new things in my mind. I'm thinking about knitted hairbows, yarn&fabric necklaces/earrings, paperbag skirts, bustier tops, I don't know.

My thumb, wrist, and shoulder have been suffering shooting pains
from too much knitting, but I can't stop!! I've been making lots of sweaters like this one: in lots of colors. I'll post pixxx when I get them all blocked and ready!

29 August 2008


Please allow me to introduce: the lyrically acclaimed (I like this young man)

Hello hello; I am coming out of the lurking shadows to participate!