21 February 2010

Vegan yarn, fake fur, man-made fibers

I read a well-worded post at Outsapop Trashion about real vs. fake fur; how do you feel about it? Whether you're vegan or just against killing animals for their fur, lots of peepz are not into wearing real fur, and choose fake.

But... DID U KNOW: fake fur is made from petroleum/oil! So are acrylic yarns and most other non-natural fibers. I did a little internet searching and apparently acrylic fibers can take between 500 and 1,000 years to decompose.

SOLUTION? Recycled/used/secondhand! Only recycled fibers actually reduce waste. This is why I take the time to unravel sweaters, dudes!

Read the original post here.

04 February 2010

These leggings!!

Sick. I wish I had time to make everything I want to make. Someday.

Via Knitkicks (endless inspiration).


Dying and drying vintage slips for the Roulette Valentine's Day party!

My favorite winter witch boots (thrift score).

Insane orange/yellow/green/brown/white yarn (so weird; I love it)

My toes; ouchhh; I let Marco pick the font (Mexicali).

My first knitted baby blanket, for a friend's newborn bambino.