14 September 2008

My alpaca so soft, but I GO SO HARD (go so hard)

I'm overpowered by yarn!!

I overdyed yarn from a pink sweater--now it's a nice tangerine color. I definitely have enough for a sweater or two...what should I make with it?


granny said...

this sweater vest is pretty much one of the best things i've ever seen : click

maybe you should make that?

katylouise said...

Thanks for your comment :) I'd thought I'd come have a look at your blog. I really like the things you make, especially your cowls (I have recently discovered the joy of cowls).
Not sure what you should do with the yarn, but it's a gorgeous colour! What did you dye it with?

andrea said...

Yes Erin--I love that sweater! Especially shopgirl's version. I really like Twinkle's Balthasar vest too...I've been thinking of designing my own so I can sell it on etsy!

Katy--I dyed it with RIT because I got a ton of it for free...it's not the best ever for yarn but it works and doesn't fade too horribly. Thank you thank you!

Grazie mille dudezzzzzz <3<3