11 November 2008

Late night freakout

Pretty bummed to see my own beret being sold by someone else on etsy:

I knit 2 berets for this girl, and she's reselling them for more than I charged her. One has already sold, but she mentioned that it was "designed and handknit by miscusi" in the listing, so that makes me think she didn't know it was against etsy's policies?

It's pretty hard for me to compete with myself! I sent her a message and hope she takes it down. I wish I could contact the person who bought the mustard one.

EDIT: She removed it; phew!


ern said...

that sucks dude, did you report it already?

has she messaged you back ?

very annoying. i'm sorry.

andrea said...

She finally wrote back and was nice about taking it down; crisis averted!

I saw your cardigan/scarf thing on ravelry...how's it going?

Mimnor said...

Love the color !! JUst perfect for winter !