06 November 2008

Some things

1. a Italian film still I found a long time ago on someone's blog...was it yours?
2. my sleeping brother, 2004
3. a star map in Chinese
4. Miss Frida
5. "Tiger Mending," Amy Cutler (it inspired a short story!)
6. Secret Love (mystery photograph)


ern said...

i like.

ugh, the drunk falls are never good. my boyfriend chipped a huge chunk of his front tooth following a "keg stand". this was right before he fell asleep in his ex girlfriends, new boyfriends car. whilst bleeding all over the car of course.

classy. hahaha.

onomatopoeia said...

I love these images, especially Amy Cutler's illustration, her work is brilliant ♥

thanks for your comment on my blog btw!

laia. said...

Love Frida!