10 December 2008

Customizable torture chamber

Jamaican patois (I keep accidentally writing "Jamazing")

Some of my favez:
AGONY:    the sensations felt during sex
BAT: butterfly or moth. English bat, the flying rodent,
is a rat-bat.
BEAST: a policeman
BISCUIT: a particularly attractive woman
BLOUSE AND SKIRT: common exclamation of surprise.
CORN: 1. marijuana 2. money 3. a bullet
DARKERS: sunglasses
DEADERS: meat, meat by-products
DOGHEART: a person who is especially cold and cruel
HARD EARS: stubborn, doesn't listen
KISS ME NECK!: common exclamation of surprise.
STRUCTURE: body, health
TEETH: bullets

(from this blog; lots of gems to be found within!)

Also new photos on my flickr:

They are from Asheville; Asheville always feels like
those colors. Can you spot 2 Mi scusi items??


Conroy said...

Hi there,
it's not really a popular song at all. You can buy the album from amazon though. But i only ever met one other person who knew of it or was into it, so i don't think it's popular at all.
but it is one of my favourite albums

Violet Folklore said...

I love the Jamaizing patois! This month me n my hunny watched The Harder They Come and Rockers for the first time, and we were totally amazed by the awesome language... our fave is when someone hands someone money or gets something really cool they say "control dis" or "I control dis"!!! I am going to send my hun the link to this right now-- he's really going to appreciate it.
(: Sasha at Violet Folklore

andrea said...

Hey, awesome! Those movies are so amazing. My partner Stefano introduced me to old reggae and it's pretty much taken over my life!

Conroy said...

I love the way they say 'control' aswell, my friends and i use this term now.

RO.MA. said...

oh! I love these :))