05 December 2008

Internet Shopping Woez

Man. I was talking to my homegirl at the bar last night about how lame NYLON is (we both have a free subscription...waste of paper) and how much better BUST is to read, and she mentioned a 40 cozy she wistfully wished for that is no longer for sale in the Bust Boobtique!
This particular friend is the most serious 40 drinker I know; there is no one who deserves this gift more! Good thing I can't find it anywhere on the internet. Can anyone help me out?

I'm also looking for awesome rings for Stefano and I to wear so when people try to holla, we can do a Shenaynay-style TALK TO THE HAND. I really love these rings I saw first on Jen's sick blog, but I hate to be a copycat.

I would also love to find some handmade ones somewhere...any suggestions? It's really hard to find something that's weird enough.

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The Clothes Horse said...

That is an awesome ring. I just found an Etsy double finger studded ring that is seriously making me swoon...