12 January 2009

Open back

I dyed a bunch of my clothes black yesterday (which rules, because it makes everything seem new again but with this sick faded quality I love) and the stars of the show happened to be 2 open-back things.
They were both gross Pepto bubblegum pink and are now a loverly grey-purple! It's really hard to find good examples of open-back things that aren't either band tees with corset strings up the back or prom dresses.

Craftster user xxboheme created these 2 heart dresses:

Montmartre's Sketchbook posted this sweater which would be insanely easy to translate to something boring in your closet (just cut!):

I'd recommend trying this on something tightly knit, otherwise it might unravel a leetle bit.

Send me inspiring photos of your fave open backs?

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