30 March 2009


I'm back, dudes (on etsy, that is). I've been knitting so much and I wanna share it with the world!
Everything's recycled, as always, except for the raspberry/fuschia beret, which is Italian yarn that I couldn't resist. Thrift stores are the thing I miss most from home (besides friendz&fam)--I have to hunt for sweaters to unravel at the flea markets, and they're few and far between!

Shipping is cheaper for EUROPEANS (especially ITALIANS), so take advantage of that if you can!


e said...

my roomate just went to italy and brought me home a bunch of italian yarn. hope you're having fun!!

L.Luna said...

Thanks for your comment! I love your blog and all your creations.

Anonymous said...

beautiful! you;re making me wish i could knit properly!

Mathilde x

P R I M O E Z A said...

wow, and i wish i could hand knit!