08 May 2009

MAIL PRESENTS / my birthday wish

It's my b-day, yall, and I am pretty far away from my friends & fam. I keep stumbling across blogs in which people are showing off their thrift store finds, and I'm jealous (since there are none in Milan!).

I have been wanting to start sending mail/packages again for awhile, and was just re-excited by the idea upon seeing Anna's awesome swaps! Does anyone want to do this??? Does anyone want or need Italian goods? I'm always down to trade my knitted things as well.

New hats on etsyyyyyy:


Oranges And Apples said...

thanks for the lovely comment! I really like your blog and will be linking to you.

I'd be up for some swapping too. I'd need to have a wee think about what i have/want/need to swap but I'm always up for sending things in the post and its even better that you're in Europe.

Oh, and happy birthday!

e said...

i really like tom robbins for fiction - skinny legs & all was the first book i read of his and i went on to read a couple more...

i also really like circus books - geek love and this other one was EPIC - the final confessions of mabel stark. SO good. annnnd i'm really into twisted stories like, the heart is deceitful above all things, baisemoi, until i find you, the sluts - if it involves some sort of incest, unwanted sexual predators or murder by way of prostitute - i'm way into it.

i'm reading the wind up bird chronicles by murakami right now. it's pretty good. I was thinking of reading the unbearable lightness of being next... it's been sitting on my bookshelf for months untouched.

do you have a pattern for your bollero? I want to make one! yay italia!

xs said...

these are adorable. you make me want to learn how to knit!

Connie said...

love the green one with the buttons :)

Pravina Studio said...

Great hats. Hope you had a lovely birthday :)