10 June 2009

Sneeeeek peeeeek

Expect steady updates on my etsy all summer:

Insane vintage handmade highwaisted shorts in "JAZZ AGE" fabric.


Super long loose-knit cowls.

Hand-tye-dyed circle scarves in recycled cotton.

V-neck scarves in crazy stripe combos!


Connie said...

those v neck scarves look soooo cozy :)

RO.MA. said...

WHOA! Those shorts are awesome! Did you make them yourself? :[)

andrea said...

I know...they rule! They're vintage; alas, I did not make them. I think they're handmade, though!

SwanDiamondRose said...

holy smokes lady this stuff is so great!

fraisedesbois said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog regarding my fruit pillows.It's great that you left a message because now I discovered your blog, I like it. Nice V knitted scarf.