28 July 2009

etsy in the morning, etsy in the evening, etsy at suppertime

I love going to etsy's front page and seeing one of my photos there!

My Mr. Swirly beret, front and center. I can make this beret in any color! I also have a new style, the Slouch Beanie:

and my triangle scarves will be appearing:

see it all here


Anonymous said...

Grazie per il commento di mie fotografie! Hai visitato l'Italia recentemente! Ho visitato due anni fa, la manco....

(I'm going to assume you know Italian or have access to translating it...)

Beautiful knits! I'm an avid crocheter, but wish I knew how to knit...

Autour de toi said...

I like your hats!

If you love the street style, maybe you like our blog. I invite you to view and participate in it.