23 July 2009

King in my empire

What up, y'all. Have you seen Modern Seamster magazine? I'm out the door right now so I don't have time to read each and every word but do trust I will later.

We just moved into our new apartment (!!) so I've been stalking the "free stuff" section of Craigslist, trying to find treasures. Before we went to Italy, we gave away all our furniture and unneeded junk, so now we're starting from scratch. Yikes!

I spotted this sick ride in my hometown:


Isabel said...

That magazine looks rad!

About the comment you left on my blog, I'm knitting a sweater! Nothing fancy though, just a rib stitch using thin yarn and large needles to get a hole-y, lace-like effect.

Aya Smith said...

Wow, the magazine looks amazing!

Congrats on the new apartment, hope everything works out for you ^_^

Penny said...

haha a mario car! how cool!!