02 August 2009

Oooh yeah, Sunday coming

Some tidbitz from around the house:

Hulk light switch!!

I found this dress at the thrift store and thought it was kind of witchy. I got home and found out it is a real Betsey Johnson! I also found a way to make planets in Photoshop???
Finally, a bookshelf for all the yarn.
Sick thrift score! All from the same spot; maybe all from the same kid's closet.

Pizza plate collection. Broox has the 3rd set.

Sarah I see you peeping at me from BR!!


s. said...

yes andy i am always here! i really like the witchy dress! and those beautiful paper clip necklaces! miss you so much, working on your magic package... love you!

e said...

super cute stuff!

how do you make planets in photoshop?!?! i want to come down to your neck of the woods for thrift shopping, its shyte up here.

Carlene said...

Hahah is that Hulk Hogan light switch for reals! Its awesome! :)