26 May 2010

Braided rug from t-shirt yarn

I started working on this braided rug about 3 weeks ago; it's taking me much longer than I expected, but I want it done, so I've been working on it feverishly!

It's a big spiral of braided t-shirt yarn (t-shirts cut into strips [tutorial]), sewn together with red thread.

It makes me feel a connection with women/families of long ago who made things out of necessity, before the days of store-bought rugs (and everything else)...all my meticulously saved fabric scraps are being put to use.  
I also hate the sight of my apartment's old, ugly carpet, so I wanna make this thing as big as possible to cover it!

(I found this old framed embroidery and stitched on some extra creepiness; 
it's hanging above our bed now.)


riverbasin said...

Loving your Rug!! I found a started project at the thrift store: tons of jersey strips to make a crocheted/hook rug. But I love your multi colors more!! This will be so special when it's done- your grand children may use it...<3

e said...

cute as hell!!!!

i love that thing!
oh man, i haven't started mine yet but if i ever have some time off ever again (ugh workwokworjgaka) i am going to get started on mine. I think I'm going to do mine primarily black grey and white and then every now and then throw in one color just so spice it up.

Kyla Sabado said...

HOW DID YOU SEW THIS TOGETHER AND STILL MAKE IT LOOK GOOD?! I have yards of braided fabric that is not sewing together right. What am I doing wrong?! :(((((

andrea said...

Kyla-- I used thick red embroidery floss and just whipstitched it together while lying the rug flat. The thread shows throughout the rug but I like the handmade quality. After finishing this one I actually made a crocheted spiral version...no stitching up required!