14 October 2008

I met him in the candy store;

Etsy user courtneycourtney sent me a photo of her rocking the handknit sweaterdress she bought from me! I love the way she wore it: I would have never imagined adding a layer of subtle volume underneath, and I'm too much of a babby to wear heels.

Here she is next to my original photo:

Check out her shop for tons of cute baby stuff!!

There's gonna be a remake of Ab Fab.

I'm way into the original so I hope this new version lives up to their standard! Who do you like better, Patsy or Edina? (I love Patsy, duh.) My fave is the ep in which Patsy stumbles off some random's motorcycle wearing all black leather. I can't find a photo D; D; D;


granny said...

what if the new ab fab isn't nearly half as good as the old one?

i was terrified of the little britain HBO coming out because i was scared of it being terrible but, its great.

then again - the british office is kiiiinda better than the american one.

andrea said...

I am pretty sure the new ab fab can't measure up to the old, but hopefully! I want to watch all good British shows...I don't think I know Little Britain? I love both Offices for different reasons; I wish the original was longer/had more eps D; D;

SwanDiamondRose said...

omg i remember and loved that episode too. was she carrying a champagne bottle with her? is it wrong to want to be 60 [or something] like her and be a totally out-of-control leather wearing floozy? sounds like a good life goal to me. ya! besides all that- i like your dress!