11 October 2008

I'm famous like a Ninja Turtle

On Thursday, my pops turned 50! Here he is as a wizard on his birthday a few years ago:And on the day I graduated college (don't we look like twins?):

His hair is as long as mine now.

He came to visit last night and we went to see Jonathan Richman; I think he and my dad would be friends IRL.

I finally hit 200 sales on etsy, but my milestone sale was a fluke:
"I believe I placed an order by accident that I won't be able to pay for, and I'm not sure how to cancel it because it says I've already bought it even though I haven't given my credit card information or anything and I made
a mistake. I'm sorry for any inconvenience."

D'oh. Oh well.

I'm yeller like a Simpson (siiiiiick allergy nose).

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