16 November 2008


I don't know if y'all watch The Simpsons every day, but I do. I have every ep at my disposal. Yesterday I was knitting away, waiting for Stefano to come home, and the most perfect introduction happened:

One of my favorite things is when Lisa acts out of character. This ep started with her and Bart sprawled comatose on the couch, snickering Beavis & Butthead-style at Itchy and Scratchy, something that I think her character should really be appalled to witness (but I'm glad she's not).

THEN, when Marge makes the fam go for a walk, they pass her LOCAL YARN STORE and she gives secret information about where she buys her buttons!

THEN, Otto is at a listening station and complains that new music sucks and all tries to rip off Judas Priest (but he's actually hearing a Judas Priest song). Sick. The rest of the episode is pretty sub-par, so you can just turn it off there!

Who's your favorite Simpson?? Mine's Snake.


CanarySanctuary said...

Chief Wiggum. Then probably the sea captain. Too many to choose from, of course :)

ern said...

oh man, i haven't had a television in YEARS.

the simpsons... i think i miss the simpsons.

RO.MA. said...

Hi Mi Scusi!!! Okay, so after your sweet post on your blog and mention of not being able to read my blog anymore, I finally sat down and cranked out my new blog... :) www.romawinkel.blogspot.com... anyways hope to see you around sometime! :) and p.s. I LOOOOOOOVE the simpsons!

Lily said...

after a lot of thought, I would have to say Moe