20 November 2008

In a 90s kind of world / I'm glad I got my girlz

The Criterion Collection is having a 40% off sale on everything in stock until Nov. 25! (via Fashion for Writers)(my father and my mother's father before I was born)


ern said...

hahahaha the cucumbers.

ern said...

for scarfy cardy : i've never done seed stitch but it looks really pretty. i think i might like to do that. i was thinking about the fishermans rib? i'm not sure.

i need to get a move on, on putting stuff in my etsy store. its the holiday season and here i am knitting for myself. selfish bastard i am.

do you have aim?

andrea said...

I love seed stitch; I kinda wish I knit the other way (I always forget if it's continental or English) so it would go faster! I think fisherman's rib would be cool too...anything that has a strong contrast to the stockinette.

You totally should update your etsy shop!! My sales have been weirdly slow lately. D;

I don't really use aim, though I have it (o o o n d r e a)...I usually use gmail chat since it's already open! andreaiacobucci@gmail.com