30 January 2009

DESTASH: buy my supplies!!!

Hey dudes. Did y'all know I'm going to Italy in the first week of March? That means I have a huge sewing room full of supplies that I don't have time to use. Help a sister out: miscusisupply.etsy.com. Everything is insanely cheap, and I'll combine shipping with any item in that shop and my main shop (miscusi.etsy.com) I'll be adding lots of stuff over the next few days/weeks, so keep an eye on it!

Also some new stuff in my regular old shop!! Vintage + handmade.


Moonbeam said...

Congrats on going to Italy - I went there in 2001 for school. Awesome place, but the trains are a real pain!

cake. said...

e.t. fabric!?!

Paul Pincus said...

that rose earing / work is BEAUTIFUL!

are you familiar with patricia urquiola? you'd love her crochet rug and fabric and steel antibodi chaise lounge for moroso. she's brilliant.

found you via the brilliant now voyager!

The Clothes Horse said...

Love those shoes!

e said...

cute cute cute.
i just started listing clothes in my etsy store. i figured why the hell not try and get rid of it.

I've never knit with recycled yarn before but i'm not against trying! How was vegas?! Did you have an awesome time??

The Clothes Horse said...

Your shoes rock.