27 January 2009


My homegirl Michele Lau wrote an amazingly sweet blog post about me!! I am way excited because her bustier tops and dresses have inspired me for, like, a year now.

I love her!!! Her sewing skills are far superior to mine!!! I don't have any friends where I live that are really interested in crafty things, so it's cool to be able to interact with seamstresses&knitters online.


e said...

i wish i knew how to sew things from scratch.

meredith cheng - San Francisco, CA, US said...

Hello Andrea!

Thank you for your comment - I do love eggs so of course I made a pillow shaped as one =)

I really like your concept of reusing scraps and unwanted materials - recycling is great!

Estela said...

I adore her bustier tops!!! So cute!

Moonbeam said...

Thanks for the comment on my shoes :) that sweater dress you made is awesome!! I've been meaning to get to a thrift store to find some good recyclable yarn.