25 April 2009

SUMMERFUN/it never rains in southern california

I miss summer so bad! I can't wait for waterparks, latenight swimming pools, and it being acceptable to rock tube dresses in public.

I never finished my swimsuit from last year...I need some inspiration for what to make this time. We're going to Cinque Terre in a week!


SwanDiamondRose said...

you're making your swimsuit. nice. i'm not so good with stretchy things but i'm learning! i love that you like kate bush. i really had to hear that song. i've put you on my blogroll. i thought you were already there. anyway you are there now. thanks for visiting :)

andrea said...

I'm sure if you do attempt a swimsuit, it'll be so much more professional than the one I end up making! When I make things for myself, I am so lazy, but your photos of detail-oriented sewing inspire me to take a little more time and make something that will last. :D