23 April 2009


Back in January, an awesome Mi Scusi collector (aka a returning customer of mine) requested that I repurpose the yarn from a sweater she never wore into the scarf of her dreams.
I was so super happy because: 1> I love custom orders, 2> I love recycling unwanted things, and 3> I loved the fact that my homegirl decided to repurpose her sweater instead of throwing it away. She could have bought a scarf from some expensive store in the mall, but instead, she wanted to support handmade and reduce waste/consumerism! (That's a win/win/win.)I got to work unraveling (it's actually really fun for me and somehow therapeutic? I bring some sort of project with me everywhere I go; people always make fun of me).

Knitting with my biggest needles (the biggest I could find). They kill my wrists but chunky stitches are crucial!

C'est fini! Easy 1x1 rib because simpler is better with huge, timeless scarves.

I really loved this project and I think I only charged her $25 or so since she provided the materials. SEND ME YOUR UNWANTED KNITS AND I WILL TRANSFORM THEM INTO SOMETHING MAGICAL! (andreaiacobucci@gmail.com if you wanna)



Anonymous said...

oo wow that's a really cool make.
I wish I could knit.


viva b. said...

very cool