14 July 2009


Translation: "Italy, I miss you to death." I mostly miss all my holmez from halfway around the world. I wish we weren't so far apart.

"Gems by F. Leolini" (see the peacock?!)
"It exists! Drink... DUFF" (4 euros is a bit steep but WHEN IN ROME, right.)
We slep' at the squat in Firenze/Florence.
SKELETON RIDERZ (you have to click to make this big)
Stefano e Filippo

At Dauntaun, drinking birra malandrino, a creation of the above Filippo.

So much inspiring art. I wish I had taken more, more, more photos.

One half of a new shrug; the color shifts from light to dark grey!

That's my boo! In response to the wall's question:
why, he got his dream job at the tattoo shop.


e said...

we probably would. where do you live again? i have a friend emily who's moved to asheville and i think she doesn't have any friends.

she's kind of rad. she sings for a band called action city blackout from south carolina.

yay italia. teach me to sew!!

SwanDiamondRose said...

that looks like so much fun.