14 July 2009


Italy feels like a dream even though I was there a month ago. Do you wanna see more photos?

Italian amici! I reminisce, I reminisce.
Into the woodsCinque Terre (5 lands)

Cruising around Cinque Terre on a boat!
waiting for the Nightrider bus
Painting on the stairs at Dauntaun. Carlz gave me that belt for my bday!!

My ma loves the Edelweiss. Huge beers awaited us upon arrival at Innsbruck, Austria! We watched The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, fitting because Mr. Adams conceived the idea for the novel while high on a hill in this very city.

A wedding cake made of Swarovski crystal animals!

Gems from a vending machine!
Met my Italian cuz, Riccardo! Don't we look like twinsies. Our great-grandmothers were sisters; mine came to the USA while his remained in Italy. It's funny: each of us are enamored with the other's country!


Anonymous said...

Wow these photos are really nice!! Quite artsy and beautiful!!

Thank you so much for the blog comment! Isn't it funny how moms always dress their kids alike? Lol, my sister and I are 5 1/2 years apart and my mom still tried to make us twins!

Have an amazing day!

syd vicious said...

haha that Paris Hilton cut out is so funny! great photos :)

C.Chico said...

awesome photos. i wanna go there so bad!